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Новости о ska-p
На официальном сайте группы Ska-P (http://ska-p.com)
была выложена следующая интересная новость:

Цитата: Announcement from the Band


12 of October arrived full of expectations.

It's been two years now, two years since that farewell gig in Argentina. We didn't know if we'd get back on stage together as Ska-p. Two years. But you guys are still there, visiting our web site as if we had kept going, talking about all sorts of things in your lives, issues of political injustice and, above all, asking us when we're getting back on stage. I don't think a day has gone by without email on that subject. I want to thank everyone of you from the bottom of my heart, the emails have been incredible, sad, happy, but above all heartfelt. A HUGE THANKS TO ALL!

A few days ago I was watching that last gig in Argentina and saw how our fans down there just put their everything into it. I got knots in my stomach, suddenly I felt I was going to barf, it was that sensation, that nervousness you feel before you go on stage and you feel a special energy. Every single one of us was a single being, thousands of souls in perfect harmony, singing and dancing gritting their teeth.

So, I want to tell you all that I've touched base with my pals to rehearse without any preconditions starting Janaury 2008. We'll play old stuff and see what happens. It'll have to be a happening and enthusiastic thing.

This doesn't mean it'll work, it might, it might not, but we'll try it out. Sometime next year there might be a new record, but only if things work out.

You'll probably be asking yourselves if all the original members will be in the group. I don't know.

So, as I promised, you're the first to know.

NEXT YEAR WE'RE GONNA TRY. If things work out, I think we'll pass the news on at the beginning of the new year.

I want to add one more important thing. Lot's of you think I don't get along with my partners. We've had our issues, but I get along with everyone of them, some better than others, but that's the way it always is.

I'll keep you in the loop on what happens right here.

Keep well and be free, my friends.

В новости говорится о том что группа не выступала уже 2 года и они не знали вернутся они на сцену или нет. Но благодарю поклонникам, группу не забывали, практически каждый день присылали электронные письма с различными пожеланиями и всячески поддерживали Ska-P.
Несколько дней назад Pulpul (cолист группы) смотрел последний концерт в Аргентине в 2005 году и на него нахлынуло множества эмоций. И он решил что они начнут репетировать без предворительных условий(контракта), которые будут в январе 2008 года.
Но это не означает что все удастся. В следующем году они попытаются сделать отчет об их работе.
О составе группы пока тоже ничего не известно. Если что нибудь произойдет вы узнаете об этом первыми.

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